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About Us

Thank you for stopping by the Im4Rights, LLC web site. The primary purpose of this web site is to promote and protect the Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment. The U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, adopted in 1791, are the cornerstones of our Republic and have been under attack for years. This web site will serve as a mechanism to help to inform and educate citizens as to the steady degradation of our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To that end, content on this website will include political commentary, philosophical musings, firearms, preparedness, and other topics of interest. Im4Rights donates to non-profit organizations that support and protect the Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment.  We encourage you to financially support and/or volunteer for the organizations you feel support freedom and liberty.


--Tom Bradley, Owner

"The Second Protects the Rest!"


Trademark Notice

Im4Rights,, The Bill of Rights Flag, RU4Rights, Im4Rights2, and logos with ten stars surrounding the Roman numerals I-X are all trademarks of Im4Rights, LLC.

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