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It's Been Awhile

In case anyone is still tuned in to Im4Rights, I thought I'd post an update. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, my real job took over all my time, and the situation in the country was (and still is) going down the proverbial tubes. So, I abandoned all social media viewing and posting. Since I had long ago quit watching broadcast TV, I've been in a current events vacuum, which has its pros and cons.

At any rate, Mrs. Im4Rights and I have transferred the flag to New Port Richie, FL - going from 2800 sf and 3-car garage down to 1200 sf and a carport. Talk about cramming 20 lbs of crap into a 5 lb bag! We are still unpacking and rearranging, but the major stress of the move is over.

My job continues to occupy most of my time, but retirement is on the horizon in about 1.5 years. At that time, I hope to set up a homestead somewhere in the triangle created by Tallahassee, Live Oak, and Cross City, FL. Probably some of the least inflated land prices in Florida. When I get situated at the homestead, I hope to make Im4Rights a going concern. Who knows what the landscape will look like at that time as another election looms between now and my retirement.

Hope everyone out there is surviving and preparing for what's around the corner. If you see this post, let me know. Best regards, --Tom


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