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Alert: Contact Your Senators Immediately

Tell your Senators to support Ted Cruz's efforts to fight the ATF's latest final rule entitled Definition of Frame or Receiver and Identification of Firearms. He is trying to use the Congressional Review Act to overturn the rule, but there are strict timelines in the Act, so get on the horn to your Senators now.

Use the Gun Owners of America form here or contact your Senators directly. If you use the GOA form be sure that the messages for both Senators are correct. When I completed their form, GOA gave a pat on the back to Marco Rubio as if Mr. Red Flag himself was a stalwart supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I simply copied the subject and message they were sending to Rick Scott and pasted it in Rubio's message. If you don't believe me about Rubio, see his canned response to one of my emails.

Download PDF • 177KB

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