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Constitutional Carry Now!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Once again, Representative Sabatini has filed a constitutional carry bill, HB 103 Carrying of Firearms Without Licenses, in the Florida House. We need to get a companion bill in the Senate. The Florida Legislature has a Republican majority in the House and the Senate, and Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, has said he will sign it if it make it to his desk.

Now is the time to pass constitutional carry. Write/call your Senator and urge him/her to sponsor/co-sponsor a Senate version. Here is some suggested text for an email or telephone call.


Dear Senator <name>, I am writing to urge you to Sponsor a companion Senate committee bill to Representative Sabatini's HB 103. As you know, the House has let this bill languish for a couple of years because they know there is no companion bill in the Senate. If you count Tennessee’s watered-down version of Constitutional Carry, twenty-one states have beaten Florida to the punch on this issue, with Utah, Montana, Iowa, Tennessee, and Texas all passing Constitutional Carry in 2021 alone. The supposed free state of Florida, despite having Republican majorities in its House and Senate has failed to get a Constitutional Carry bill to the Republican Governor’s desk. Governor DeSantis has said he will sign such a bill if it gets to his desk. I'm asking you to help make that happen! Sincerely,


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