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Take this Rule and Shove it!

My comment to OSHA regarding their Covid Vax Rule.

I join with millions of Americans in opposition to this rule requiring COVID-19 vaccines for private company employees. In order for an Emergency Temporary Standard to be issued, there must be an emergency. There is currently no emergency related to COVID-19, and if there ever was an emergency, it has long since passed. This standard is politically driven to subordinate the will of individuals to that of the State in deference to Der Fuehrer Biden's wishes. In the United States, power is derived from "We the People," and WE never authorized OUR government to issue a mandate of this nature. OSHA-2021-0007 is an unlawful rule. The people's representatives in Congress NEVER gave authority to the executive branch (through OSHA) to require vaccines for employment at a private company. This rule will, in all likelihood, be struck down by the courts, and many state attorney generals have already filed suits to stop this unconstitutional overreach. Withdraw this rule immediately.

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