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Thoughts for the Day - The Patriot Party

I'm calling on President Trump to form a new political party called the "Patriot Party," and use his popularity to fuel the growth of a new party that can actually compete with the Democrat and Republican parties. Both of these parties are to blame for the current state of affairs in this country... one actively promotes the shredding of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the American way, while the other sits by and allows it. While a forming a new party is a large undertaking, I believe it has some real advantages in this day and time.

A Patriot Party standing for freedom, liberty, smaller government, term limits, and less government intrusion, along with respect for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and individual rights would have mass appeal. A Patriot Party would decimate the ranks of the Republican Party leaving behind only week-kneed and "Never-Trumper" Republicans. Simultaneously, there would be a good number of Democrats and Libertarians migrating to the Patriot Party.

In addition to consolidating freedom loving individuals under one party, this would also automatically "primary" all the Republican and Democrat candidates that have failed to put the United States and the American people first and have promoted group rights over individual rights, socialism over capitalism, and eviscerated the American way of life.

There is only one man in the US who could garner a large enough following to compete with the status quo parties, and that is Donald Trump. He wouldn't even have to be the candidate... he could be the head cheerleader for Don Jr., Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or any other true Patriot.

Those are my thoughts on this day - January 12, 2021

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