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What is Florida Waiting For?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Here is another open letter to Governor DeSantis, which I also sent to him via email. Feel free to send a similar message to him at

Governor DeSantis;

This is getting embarrassing! Soon, the "Free State of Florida" will be among the bottom half of the country in adopting Constitutional Carry. In the last couple of weeks we have seen Alabama, Ohio, and Indiana all pass Constitutional Carry. Nothing like leading from behind! I am disappointed in your lack of leadership in restoring second amendment rights to Florida's citizens.

Flippant press conference comments like, "Put it on my desk, I'll sign it.", and wishy-washy statements in the State of the State address like. "I also recommend that the Legislature strengthen protections for Floridians’ 2nd Amendment rights. These important rights should not depend on the whims of politicians who reject the existence of those rights.", are not acceptable. You failed to use the bully pulpit of your office to demand a Constitutional Carry bill be put on your desk. Now, you must call a special session to have the legislature get a true Constitutional Carry bill to your desk for signature. While you're at it, have them send you a State-wide 2nd Amendment Sanctuary bill like Missouri or Wyoming for your signature.

If you don't start taking action to stand firmly in support of the Second Amendment, I will be unable to stand firmly for your reelection as Governor.

Sincerely, --Thomas Bradley Florida Citizen "The Second Protects the Rest!"

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