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Where’s the Beef? (Ghost Guns Rule)

In the word’s of the legendary Clara Peller, I have to ask where is beef? Der Fuehrer Biden announced the ATF final rule on "Ghost Guns" (i.e., the “Definition of Frame or Receiver and Identification of Firearms” rule) on April 11th, but as of the Monday, April 18th Federal Register, the rule has still not been published. I’ve been monitoring the Daily Federal Register Table of Contents ever since it became available via email many years ago, and during the Biden Administration’s tenure is the first time I’ve ever seen an intentional delay in publishing documents in the Federal Register. I complained about this in September, 2021 when Der Fuehrer Biden’s Executive Orders mandating the jab for federal workers and “Adequate COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors” were not published until 5 days after the fact.

Here we are a full week out from his announcement of the “ghost gun” rule, and it still has not been published in the Federal Register. The earliest we could see the official rule is Tuesday, April 19th. The ATF has published the text of the final rule as signed by the Attorney General, but the official version of the final rule will be as it is published in the Federal Register and will become effective 120 days later. The unofficial beef is available here:

For those who just want the highlights the rule summary is available here:

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